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19 2013 Mar

Kepler Track Hike – Milford Sound Te Anau, New Zealand

19 2013 Mar

NZ Tramping Video

19 2013 Mar

Gracefully entering the water in snorkeling gear forwards

This clip shows a good way to enter the water while wearing snorkeling gear. By holding on to the neck strap, mask and snorkel as shown you will avoid loosing them as you enter the water. Make sure to take a big “stride” into the water rather than making a jump and landing with you feet parallel to each other.

If you are to enter the water from a small boat, you may instead want to watch the clip illustrating how to do it using a backwards roll…

19 2013 Mar

Fin swimming technique

Illustration of “regular style” swimming with fins.

19 2013 Mar

Snorkeling dive technique

This clip shows how to efficiently dive down into the water from a typical snorkeling position – lying on the surface!

19 2013 Mar

Snorkeling Tips For Beginners & Experienced

Here we share many snorkeling tips from our years of experience. These will help beginners get started, and help those with experience learn more about how to read ocean conditions.

Snorkeling is great fun, and learning how to do it in a relaxed and effortless way, with the right equipment, can enhance your enjoyment.

Be aware as you read our tips that we are not certified snorkeling instructors, just normal everyday folks, so enter the water at your own risk. Always try to get local knowledge about your snorkeling destination, and evaluate the weather and ocean conditions carefully yourself before entering the water.

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19 2013 Mar

Debbies Top Tramping Tips

Independent Hiking in New Zealand

Independent hiking, tramping or walking is a very popular activity in New Zealand; something you need to consider if you are planning an overnight hike.

Throughout the New Zealand summer (December – February) and school holidays,¬†many top tracks – especially Great Walks like the Heaphy Track, Routeburn Track, Milford Track and Abel Tasman Coastal Track – are in high demand, so it pays to book hut accommodation well in advance. Read more→